Formed as a result of a collaboration of experienced car wash operators seeking the ultimate in-bay automatic carwash, and an industrial automation company with more than fifty years of experience in machine manufacturing and creation, ecoJET specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of automatic car wash equipment designed to bring operators the highest possible return on investment.

We encourage everyone and anyone associated with the car wash business to compare the cleaning efficacy of our touch-less car wash equipment with that of any other automatic car wash system on the planet, touch-free or friction. Why is that important? Clean cars mean happy customers, and happy customers keep coming back.

Our machines not only do a superior job of cleaning, they work fast, and that means more cars can be washed and more money can be made in a given period of time.

The machines we build are ecologically friendly as well, and that makes them economical to operate. Why? Because they use less water and utilities than the competition due to the way our engineers have found to apply pre-soak chemicals and then remove them in a perfectly timed sequence with high-pressure water shot from zero degree rotating nozzles.

Our goal simply is to build the best-cleaning, most cost-efficient-to-operate touch free car wash equipment in the business. Our vehicle wash systems work fast, and they require less maintenance because they are constructed of welded, stainless steel.

All this adds up to a bigger bottom line for car wash operators, making ecoJET the wise choice for smart investors.