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Creates Repeat Customers

It's fast, efficient, and cleans like no other

Environmentally Friendly & Economically Smart

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Our Optional Wheel Blaster Makes Wheels Sparkle

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High Impingment, Zero Degree Rotating Nozzles

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A touchless wash that cleans like friction

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The right choice for operators looking for bigger ROI

Probably the fastest, best cleaning, most durable in-bay automatic car wash system on the market

Convenience Store
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Convenience Store

An in-bay automatic car wash like this one can cause potential customers to drive right past the competition to your location. It can build loyalty and provide one more reason to come back, even if it means driving an extra mile. And if you offer a discount on gas with a carwash purchase, customers will be encouraged to fill their tanks to the top.
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According to one 2012 industry study, the average in-bay automatic car wash returns an annual profit of $86,531. And one of the best things about it is – it requires less time and energy from its owner to operate than many other businesses.
Auto Dealership
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Auto Dealership

Time and again, studies have shown a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. And just imagine how satisfied your customers will be when they climb into a newly washed, sparkling clean car straight from your service department.


No Wonder It Offers a Big ROI

Put all its features and benefits together, and THE ROTOFIRE TWIN is the right choice for in-bay automatic car wash owners and operators looking to achieve high profits and the maximum possible return on investment.

It's Built To Last

Sturdy, stainless steel construction means less required maintenance and more up time, just one of many reasons the ROTOFIRE TWIN is the right choice for car wash operators who want to realize the maximum return on their investment.

Has Extraordinary Cleaning Capability

Compare the cleaning efficacy of this touch-less car wash system with that of any other automatic car wash equipment, touch free or friction, and you will see the ROTOFIRE TWIN is at the head of the class.

Is Faster than Others

In-bay automatic car wash owners and operators do not want customers to turn away because of long lines. This makes a speedy wash a high priority for operators of car washes in high-volume locations and a good reason for them to select the ROTOFIRE TWIN.

A True Green Machine

The ROTOFIRE TWIN was engineered and built to provide a superior wash and to be highly efficient in terms of water and utility usage. The latter is important for three good reasons: 1) the environment, 2) keeping operational costs down, and 3) speed.

Offering Multiple Up-sell Possibilities

The ROTOFIRE TWIN can offer up to three base washes with four configurations each for a total of 15 combinations. This translates to a big an advantage since most competitive units offer only three to six possibilities.

Ease of Installation

Whether you are building from scratch or retrofitting an existing in-bay automatic car wash, it makes sense to select the ROTOFIRE TWIN. Depending on your location, trained ecoJET personnel will handle the entire new installation or retrofit, using as much existing equipment and accessories as possible.

It Cleans Like Friction

A car wash system engineered to perfection with unique features, including the proper application of pre-soak chemicals and their timed removal. Chemicals are allowed to penetrate and release dirt before being washed away.

Save your money for the bottom line +

Makes Wheels
Sparkle & Shine

This amazing in-bay automatic unit has built-in, on-board Thermoblast™ rocker panel and wheel cleaners with high-pressure, zero degree rotating nozzles that clean like crazy, a patented feature.

Is Virtually
Maintenance Free

The ROTOFIRE TWIN is an in-bay automatic car wash system built tough with welded stainless steel to withstand all the abuse and heavy usage a high volume car wash location can deliver.

With Options
Customers Love

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is an optional upgrade to the standard rainbar that removes particles from water, virtually eliminating spotting.

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